With Candles Come Wishes

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Blow your candle and make a wish. But be careful about those fumes.

Lighting a candle around the house seems romantic. You get to spend some quality nocturnal time with your significant other or you can relax in your tub while reading that interesting new novel by Paolo Coehlo. But those candle fumes may do more harm than de-stressing your senses. Most candles are made from irritating chemicals such as petrol or paraffin wax. They contain the same chemicals used for diesel gasoline. This is the reason for that awful smell when the candle's flicker is burning and releasing thick, black smoke. When the toxins enter your lungs through the nasal passages, it contaminates our bloodstream in the lungs and can also affect our nervous system. Our breathing may also be obstructed.

Instead of buying candles made of the usual wax, there are organic candles available which are also more eco-friendly and cheaper. Organic candles are made from raw materials such as soy wax, beeswax and palm wax. These candles are a much safer alternative and they help in using renewable materials that are environment-friendly. It also helps in decreasing the amount of pollution that contributes to an unsafe home environment. For instance, beeswax are made out of the honey produced by bees while palm and soy wax are come from the extracts of plants. These chemicals would undergo a hardening process in order to create the wax used for candle making.

Also, most of these organic candles are mixed with essential oils to give it that pleasant scent. These essential oils can be extracted from plants such as pepper mint, eucalyptus or lemon, and then mixed with the wax during the candle-making process. Such scented and organic candles are mainly used for a new meditation and de-stressing technique called aromatherapy. It is based on the assumption that smells and scents relax the body through odors that does something to our circulatory or nervous system, thereby creating a feeling of lightness, tranquility and peace of mind.

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Organic candles such as organic beeswax candles have also been used, not only as an aromatherapy agent, but also for decorative purposes, especially in the interior of one's living room or bed room. It freshens up the ambiance of a home and provides sufficient lighting, depending on the mood of the homeowner. Also, these candles can be used as gift inspirations for special occasions like birthdays, Mother's day or anniversaries. Candles do not only burn for us, but they do so much more to brighten up our lives.

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With Candles Come Wishes

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This article was published on 2010/03/27