Raw Materials for Candle Making

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Candles have been one of the most traditional means for lighting purposes. Its use has undergone changes, yet it has not been devalued in any form. Today the candles are more admired as decoratives along with different candle holders.

No one can deny their presence in so many kinds of attractive, realistic figures with an unavoidable enchanting effect.

Candle making requires only a few steps procedure, some creative ideas, a little advice and some equipment. The basic requirements for making candles at home are wax, wick, color dyes, fragrance and molds and you can begin your work.

• I.) Wax- This is the most fundamental prerequisite. Though today there are a number of options available in the category depending upon the kind of candle you want to prepare. Some of them include-

•  Beeswax- quite easy to make use of and has a wonderful smell. It can be employed to craft easy as well as sophisticated designs.

•  Paraffin- available in block or pellet form. They are easy to melt and are suitable as pillar candles and container candles.

•  Gel- translucent nature provides space for placing objects inside the candle. The gel just needs to be melted and color and fragrance are added.

•  Vegetable wax- typically found in form of grains, which is melted and poured into containers. Good vegen alternative fro other waxes.

• II.) Wicks- The wick is the one which causes candles to burn consistently. They are available in both full length and pre sliced sizes. The long length wicks can be cut to desired sizes. Some pre waxed wicks are found too.

• III.) Color dyes and Fragrance- One of the important tasks in candle making is the tailoring of the basic candle by adding attractive colors and fragrances, which enhance its beauty and effect. They can even be bought from the candle making material shops.

• IV.) Molds or Containers- These are required for providing delicate and every imaginable shape and size to the candles. There are a wide range of molds presented in the market.

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Raw Materials for Candle Making

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This article was published on 2010/11/22