Different Types of Candles - A Change is Always Good!

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Choosing a Candle.

When choosing a candle to buy it comes down to looks on many occasions as to what you buy. The reason for this is because it is to fit in to a special pot or jar or it is for a gift for someone with certain taste or you just want something to make a certain mood for a wedding or a ceremony. For instance, you may have a lilac room so you pick the prettiest lilac candle to compliment it, you may have a white room and pick black candles as a stark contrast to the white.

Candle Choice Using Our Senses.

Many of the people who buy candles also use three of the main senses to choose their candles, they will first see the candle, they then will touch the candle and finally smell the candle. The amount of times I have smelt a candle looking for a certain aroma and found that there was just a wax aroma as it was a standard candle and not a scented candle. We are so used nowadays to our candles being scented that it is just automatic to smell them now if you see one in a shop even though many candles are still plain old wax smelling candles.

Personal Choice.

It is a personal choice that can only be done with the aid of the person's feelings, mood and their reason for buying. These three things come in to play to make their choice. At the end of the day all the candles burn in a similar fashion, it is just that they are slightly different in their smell, style and possibly shape.

Same Choices but What You Like!

When making your own candles similar choices come in to play but also the fact that one candle may be easier to make than another candle, or you may enjoy the way that soy candles are made as opposed to paraffin wax candles. Also you may enjoy using votive candle molds more than making a taper candle. There are few different shapes and types of candle and these are called taper, votive, tea lights, floating candles, pillar candles, gel candles and birthday candles. Check our site online to learn more.

Enjoy your candle making!!

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Different Types of Candles - A Change is Always Good!

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This article was published on 2010/03/26