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Candle making jars serve one primary utilitarian purpose - to make the carrying of candles easier since these containers protect the hands against the heat of the burning candle and the candle drippings. Then again, life will be so boring if candle making jars will be consigned to its utilitarian value. So, why not turn them into things of beauty, too?

Funky Fun

When browsing through candle displays, you will probably be assaulted with ho-hum jars that simply will not do in adding funky fun to your living areas. Well, you can always purchase your own jars and decorating supplies from your favorite bohemian shop! Think Picasso cubist and Monet impressionist paintings, Goth and neo-Goth inspirations, and just about anything that comes to your mind as fun and funky, bold and beautiful.

Color Crush

Sure, candle making jars come in clear glass because it displays the exquisite craftsmanship of the candles. However, nobody said that you cannot decorate the clear glass with colors of your own. With a super strong glue and ribbons as well as colorful heat-resistant paints and paintbrushes, you can have color frenzy! Plus, if you use replaceable candles with the jars, you can mask the disagreeable colors with them. (Yes, those hideous candles that your spinster aunt gave you for Christmas)

Tie the Theme

And then there is always the possibility to tie the theme of your candles with its glass jars. For example, if your candles will be sea-themed, then you can decorate the outside of the jars with more decorations to complement the theme. Think of ocean blue plain candles placed inside a jar decorated with seashells and starfishes. The important thing is that the candles and the jars complement each other to great effect.

Gem Gaga

Remember those transparent toy gemstones that you used to play with as a child? Well, bring out the inner child in you again, or just your affinity for a girl's best friend and its equivalent, by decorating your jars with these transparent gems. Not only will these add color to your jars but these will also provide glow when the candle is burning. It will be like fireflies on the table!

Shape Shift

Why settle for round jars when you can chose from many shapes? There are rectangular jars, pitcher containers, wine goblets, polygon jars, cube jars and candelina jars, to name a few. Even your baby's food jar will add interesting variety to your collection!

For example, you can make batches of candles in the same color. However, choose a jar that can best highlight additional decorations like swirls and cubes as well as dried flowers, herbs, fruits, seashell, marbles and other stuff. The colors may be the same, yes, but the aura will be different. How is that for introducing variety into your designs?

Lid Love

And don't throw away the lid on your jars either! You can also decorate with ribbons and the like to add special touches to your jars. Besides, it would be a waste of resources if you do decide to throw the lids out.

With all these design ideas, your candle making jars can have form and function, beauty and utility! Just keep your ideas rolling and soon enough, your jazzed up candle making jars will be the talk of the town.

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Candle Making Jars

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This article was published on 2010/03/30