Burning Your Soul Candle

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I have a few candles stored away in a drawer in my dining room. They are meant for romantic dinners and special occasions, but since the arrival of our three children they have lain dormant and unnoticed among the napkins and other things left there. They are waiting to be taken out and lit to share their glow to any one who will take the time to bask in their brilliance.

Are not our souls like those candles patiently waiting for someone to come and let us be ourselves. Waiting for the moment to shine and to be seen pulling back the darkness. We each have a special light of our own that is unmatched by any others in the world. A story that is meant to be told and a story that is uniquely our own.

We all start from nothing and are formed by the hands of creation. In their essence, candles are made up of wax and a wick. We are made up of our outer body shells and the core of our essences lies in our minds and souls. The things that make candles unique are there colors, shapes and designs and the spaces in between that make them look like they do.

Our life history and experiences make up the backdrop of who we are now, but it is our minds which are like the candles wick that makes our passions flame. Unlike the candles in my drawer, who get used or not used depending on my whims, we control our own thoughts and how brightly we will burn or how dimly we will shine.

Is your soul candle dimmed by circumstance, confusion, or lack of passion and direction in your life? Is it hidden away in a drawer of stress, worry, or resentment? Does it need direction on which way to go?

Make the choice to let your own candle shine the way you were meant to shine. Even if it is for just one moment of the day. Let it beam out free and unfettered in your mind. Build on this moment a little each day and your flame will grow stronger over time. Begin to light the power within you to be who you were meant to be.

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Burning Your Soul Candle

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This article was published on 2010/03/29