Beeswax Candle Making

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Beeswax Candles

Many people enjoy making beeswax candles due to the natural colour found in the end product and because of the gorgeous honey like aroma that is produced when burning.

How to Get the Beeswax.

Do you need to be a bee-keeper to collect the wax? Do you need to wear protective clothing to stop being stung whilst collecting your wax? Or do you just need to pop into your local hobby or craft store to buy some of the wax?

Obviously, the answer you need is for the latter of the three questions. And the answer is; You can get all of your candle making needs at your local craft or hobby store. You don't have to scale a tree and get yourself into a fight with a group of bees for stealing their home furnishings. You can simply buy the wax in sheet form from your local hobby or craft store. The wax is bought as a pure beeswax.

How to Make Beeswax Candle.

First of all you need a sheet of pure beeswax. These usually come in large squares but it can be cut into a different shape if required. You then melt a small corner of the beeswax sheet and drop in the candle wick for a couple of minutes, so that the wick may be primed. Lay the primed wick on the edge of the candle wax sheet and roll tightly until the whole sheet has been rolled completely. If you require a tapered effect all you need to do is cut the original square beeswax sheet into a triangle shape before rolling. Once rolled it is ready to be lit. You can tie a bow around the finished product for effect.

It is reasonably easy to make beeswax candle as long as you are not fighting with bees in the process it usually quick and painless.

Happy Candle Making!

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Beeswax Candle Making

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This article was published on 2010/03/27