Aurora Candle Warmers – A Revolution in Candle Warming Industry

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A candle warmer is nothing but an electric warmer which melts scented wax (in form of candles) with the purpose of releasing its scent. Candle warming industry is growing like anything, combining technology with luxury. Now days candle warmers come with an inbuilt cup like surface in which the concerned candle can be placed easily. Candle warmers can be designed to be used with wick and even with wickless candles.

Aurora candle warmer is a new type of candle warmer which has revolutionized the concept in many aspects. It is a very novel way of utilizing a candle warmer. An aurora candle warmer manages to release the candle's scent very fast (sometimes even a few minutes). It does not overheat and works in a sequence.

Basic Functioning

It has a soft halogen light which releases the scent in a way wherein there is no requirement of flame. It is absolutely safe even when children are around as you can leave them on irrespective of time.

Candle warmers earlier looked so strange that it was better to keep them away from people's sight. People would justify its hiding saying that this way, the person who smells the released scents would not know the origin, giving a mysterious feel of a lovable presence. But things have changed for good. Aurora candle warmers double up as nice decorative pieces so there is absolutely no need to hide them behind something.

Advantages of Aurora Candle Warmers in General

•  Candle warmers manage to heat any type of scent.

•  These manage to heat most sizes of candles (some good brands aren't size specific).

•  They are safe (and easy as well) to use and maintain.

•  Built in bowls with candle warmers ensure that everything looks tidy.

•  It gives a mysteriously wonderful aroma in the room where it is placed

•  Unlike what is thought, the fragrance of candle warmers is not proved to be responsible for any respiratory imbalances. Still, if someone feels uncomfortable, it is advised to take professional help or change the fragrance.

•  They can be used in offices as a good adornment.

All in all, users are sure to get compliments from guests about the fragrance in their houses.

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Aurora Candle Warmers – A Revolution in Candle Warming Industry

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This article was published on 2010/12/24